What are the I-601 waiver processing times in 2024?

I’m planning to apply for an I-601 waiver and would like to know the current processing times for 2024. Can someone provide information on how long it typically takes for these waivers to be processed?


The I-601 waiver, also known as the Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility, allows certain individuals who are inadmissible to the United States to apply for a waiver and, if approved, continue with their immigration process. Processing times for the I-601 waiver can vary based on several factors, including the workload of USCIS and the specifics of the case. Here’s what you need to know about the I-601 waiver processing times in 2024:

  1. Current Processing Times:
    • As of 2024, the average processing time for an I-601 waiver typically ranges from 12 to 24 months. However, these times can fluctuate based on the volume of applications and the complexity of each case.
  2. Factors Affecting Processing Time:
    • Case Complexity: More complex cases, which may require additional evidence or involve unique circumstances, can take longer to process.
    • Supporting Documentation: Providing thorough and well-organized supporting documentation can help streamline the review process.
    • USCIS Workload: The number of applications received by USCIS and their current workload can impact processing times.
    • Service Center Variability: Processing times may vary slightly depending on which USCIS service center is handling your application.
  3. Expedited Processing:
    • In certain circumstances, you may request expedited processing of your I-601 waiver. USCIS considers expedite requests on a case-by-case basis for reasons such as urgent humanitarian reasons, severe financial loss to a company or person, or other compelling reasons. Supporting evidence must be provided to justify the expedite request.
  4. Checking Processing Times:
    • USCIS provides updates on processing times for various forms on their official website. To get the most accurate and current processing times, visit the USCIS Check Case Processing Times page and select Form I-601.
  5. Case Status Updates:
    • After submitting your I-601 waiver application, you can check the status of your case online using the USCIS Case Status Online tool. You will need your receipt number to access your case information.
  6. What to Do If Your Case Is Delayed:
    • If your application is taking longer than the published processing times, you can inquire about your case by contacting USCIS customer service or by submitting an inquiry through the USCIS website.

For more detailed information on I-601 waiver processing times and tips on how to navigate the application process, check out this comprehensive guide: I-601 Waiver Processing Times 2024.

Understanding the processing times and what factors can influence them is crucial for planning your immigration journey. Click the link to learn more and ensure you are prepared for each step of the I-601 waiver application process.